Website regulations:

Users entering the present website commit themselves to accept and comply with the observance of all the conditions included in this statement. Graziella Boutique S.r.l. reserves its right to modify, rephrase/re-examine its own website, the regulations and terms in any moment whenever it thinks it opportune, without any obligation to give advance notice. Users are bound to comply with the terms included in this notice checking possible modifications at every turn. All the content of SAPHIRBOUTIQUE.COM website is property of Graziella Boutique S.r.l. This includes information material, design, images, characters, music, software, codes and format scripts. Any use, reproduction and alteration not authorised by Graziella Boutique S:R.L. shall be prosecuted as by law enacted. Graziella Boutique S.r.l. publishes information on the products that it offers and disclaims all responsibility about possible mistakes for which it will be provided for the immediate removal or correction, pursuant to a warning. Graziella Boutique S.r.l. disclaims all responsibility about problems or damages that users may meet with during the use of the website.

Items availability:

The items availability is the same in stock at the real shops. Graziella Boutique S.r.l. reserves its right to confirm the availability of the ordered products, the validity of the transaction and also to verify previous orders. Should the ordered items not be available and in case the order could not be handled as requested, customers shall be promptly informed. Once the orders have been confirmed and handled, it will not be possible to modify them.

Purchase requirements:

To order at the Graziella Boutique S.r.l. online store, customers have to:
– Be of age (18 years old at least)
– Have the requirements to stipulate legally-binding contracts
– Be the final customer (natural person acting for purposes unrelated with his or her own business, professional or juridical activity, which is not aimed at reselling the purchased goods)
– Have a valid credit card or a current account
Graziella Boutique S.r.l. reserves its right not to handle orders of goods the use of which is not compliant with the above-written commercial policies. Furthermore, it reserves its right to decline orders or to decline the service supply to anyone at any time.


Vouchers may be issued by Graziella Boutique S.r.l. and may be used just one time.
For further information, please contact [email protected]